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Dicks & Betties is a storytelling agency that specializes in helping brands tell better stories. We also work with agencies on project work and consult with publishers to optimize their editorial strategies.

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brand storytelling

Dicks & Betties specializes in helping brands tell their story better—online, on social, and through events and other mediums. In each case, we begin by identifying the client's goals and key performance indicators, then progress to understanding who the audience is and how the brand is best prepared to speak to them. 

agency work

Dicks & Betties works with a handful of agencies to help them understand their client's content needs, pitch new work, and execute content projects for their clients.


We work with a variety of companies to find, interview and hire the most qualified creative candidates, and to provide ongoing mentorship.


consulting for publishers

We help publishers optimize their current content strategies and launch new products from scratch, beginning with editorial development and revenue strategy and progressing to hiring, launch and ongoing oversight where necessary. That means we do everything from launching native advertising studios, to advising on pure edit strategies, to advising on the monetization of web assets, to creating brilliant newsletters, to optimizing processes between sales, marketing, and editorial. 


Dicks & Betties has worked with newsletters for a looooooong time. We consult on newsletter content creation, marketing, metrics, and best practices.