Oh hello. We're Dicks & Betties. We develop storytelling strategies for brands and creative strategies for publishers and products. 


Who we are

Dicks & Betties was founded by Steve Bryant, who has fifteen years of experience creating stories and managing editorial teams from startups (Thrillist, InsideHook) to legacy media (Hollywood Reporter, NBC) to brands (ABInbev, NAR, more).

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What we do

For agencies: we provide content strategy services for pitches and engagements, and help agencies become content experts and providers. For brands: We provide content strategy and content services, plus help launch new products from scratch. For publishers: We create and optimize content and native advertising studios and services.

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Things we believe


Our Practice

Dicks & Betties is headquartered in Brooklyn, but we roam the Earth. By Earth we mean we mostly go to LA and SF a lot.


"People don’t aspire to products.
People aspire to feelings that products give them." 

You Don't Get It. You're Not the Point.

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A handsome storytelling agency

The storytellers at Dicks & Betties have consulted for some of the world's largest brands, and held leadership positions on the edit side and the ad/marketing side at startups and legacy media alike. Invite us to a party and we will eat all your chips.