Our work

content consulting

for pre-launch and established media companies and publications

D&B helps publishers optimize their current content strategies and launch new products from scratch, beginning with editorial development and revenue strategy and progressing to hiring, launch and ongoing oversight where necessary. That means we do everything from launching native advertising studios, to advising on pure edit strategies, to advising on the monetization of web assets, to creating brilliant newsletters, to optimizing processes between sales, marketing, and editorial. We've worked on the edit side and the ad/marketing side at startups and legacy media alike, so we understand the structures and incentives of the actors in each context.

speaking & workshops

for small to large groups of editors, marketers, sellers or custom audiences

We educate, train, and do a mean soft-shoe on storytelling, content strategy, native advertising, and building a content team. Engagements usually include custom presentations and role-playing for your specific challenges. Because we understand cross-departmental publishing and ad workflows, we can help everyone from editors to marketers and sellers understand the context of their work and reveal the underlying incentives. 


for brands, publishers, and agencies

We consult on newsletter content creation, marketing, metrics, and best practices.

agency & brand work

for branded content strategy and educating brands about media

We work with agencies to develop content strategies for their clients, beginning with identifying the client's goals, mindset and audience and progressing to content, staffing and distribution. We also work with brands directly to do the same thing.


for traditional publishers, native studios and brands

We work with a variety of companies to find, interview and hire the most qualified candidates. We also provide ongoing mentorship.

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